Hurricane Rosebud Productions stems from the passion of two driven women, determined to make their mark in this crazy town we call Los Angeles. Since meeting in an acting class 4 years ago, Maren and Heather have become a dynamic duo of acting, writing, and producing.  Our ability to balance each other out between creativity, productivity, and persistency is what makes us such a great team.  Constantly working on projects together, we stopped waiting for someone to give us our break and decided to create our own.  With the creation of our web-show, Tigs, we thrived to return to the days of female physical comedy like that of Laverne and Shirley and I Love Lucy, while also combing our love of awkward and taboo Sex and the City moments in the everyone knows your name setting similar to Cheers. We hope to continue to pay homage to our mentors in the entertainment community in all of our projects.  Stay tuned for updates on current and future projects!  Thanks for all of the love and support.