The best way to describe our web-show is to think of when funny FML stories, like Sex and the City, meets the physical comedy of the classics, like Laverne and Shirley, and the “everyone knows your name” feel of Cheers. As women of the bar industry, we have collected tons of stories that have happened to friends, coworkers, and well, us! We tell these stories through the eyes of our main characters.

Meet the Staff of Tig O’ Bitties

Frankie Dean DesJardine

Bartender with flare…literally. Frankie strives to be a master Sommelier when two of the worst things that could happen to her does.  First, the bar is sold and changes from a sheek underground night club, where she is able to flare and customize craft cocktails for a cool, hip, and well-tipping crowd, to a Hooters-style nightmare that demands nothing more than opening beers and pouring shots, for loud mouths, drunks and douche-bags.

Second, she suffers a level two concussion from a closed head injury after swan diving down the steps of the Tig ‘O Bitties back office.  As a result, dizziness, vertigo and memory loss are temporarily altering her ability to complete the Sommelier program she had just begun.

Frankie is a wonderful mix of rat pack style crooner and hard core hip hop wrapped up in a Motown package.  This Detroit girl is very proud of where she’s from and confident in who she is.  She is by far the sass and attitude of the trio. While she is the first with a cutting comeback or witty remark, she’s also the first with a helping hand and plan of action, which can sometime lead to interesting and compromising situations for the whole crew.


Karen McCulligan

Server extra-ordinar…or something like that.  Karen is the lost soul looking for her hearts desire both in career and love yet keeps coming up on the strange end of the stick.  Perfectly content with her life and the money she was making before the bar changed over, Karen had no need for anything more than she had; a good job making great money in a premiere LA hotspot.  When that changed so did she.  Without the amazing money and the cool club status, Karen was forced to take a real look at what she was and what she was doing, and she didn’t like what she saw.  Now she is on a quest to figure it all out and make her dreams, whatever that is, come true.

Karen’s lovable, odd, innocent nature keeps us cheering her to victory and sympathizing with her shortcomings, while laughing through the comical mishaps that always seem to happen only to Karen.  Even though she can be a little out there, she is always a reliable friend and a good person.  She desperately wants to see the good and normal in everyone even when the evidence is overwhelming that reality may be exactly the opposite.



Megan Knobler

Server serving up more than just cocktails. Megan is the brainiac going for her Masters in Science in the classroom and has already mastered anatomy in the bedroom. Megan joined the Tigs clan after the bar had already changed over, so she has no point of reference of how cool the bar used to be outside of the stories shared by Frankie, Karen, Vincent and Judy.  She is the only one that doesn’t mind the new humiliating uniform because of what it suggests physically, she already suggests anyway.  Megan enjoys her job because it not only allows her to make money enough to pay for rent and other expenses that her scholarship doesn’t cover, but also allows her to meet her next conquest.

Driven by an awesome intellect and a non-stop libido, Megan spends her days either in the lab or in some boy’s pants.  She loves mixing up new concoctions of everything from sore muscle rub and antacid, to homemade hooch and dog shampoo.





Vincent Denunzio

The General Manager that’s generally a pain in the ass.  New York born and bred, Vincent is the ultimate tough guy that the girls always seem to get over on, especially Frankie.  Frankie has known Vincent the longest and has a small arsenal of situations to hold over Vinnie’s head. The crown jewel being “The Thing”, which no one knows the exact details of, but the girls use on numerous occasions to level the playing field to their advantage and get out of compromising situations.  With the Tigs changeover, Vincent suffered a few devastating blows that transformed him into a grumpier, angrier version of the once fun loving teddy bear we all loved.

He took a significant pay cut to stay on as general manager with the promise that he would move up through corporate ranks and become regional within a year.  Hating the new restaurant and longing for the days when he was suited up walking through a swank club filled with good looking people and a monster line at the door, Vin is biding his time till he is granted the promised promotion and he can return to some semblance to his version of normal.




Barback in training.  The newest addition to the Tigs family.  Even though Dallas is brand new to LA, his short couple of weeks before being hired at Tigs have proved to be eventful.  Relieved to have a job and the security of having a “home base”, Dallas is very hard working and ready and willing to take on any challenges that face a newbie barback.

Attractive and somewhat innocent, this rodeo riding southern gentleman is just that, a gentleman.  Never a harsh word to say and always ready with a willing hand to help, he is the perfect balance to Vincent.  Dallas’ desire to get off the dusty trail and sow some wild, youthful oats in the bright lights of a big city lead him here – LA, a town that can chew you up and spit you out if you don’t know where to go or what to do.  Lucky for him, the Tigs girls adore his kindness and personality and take him under their wing.  Well, Frankie and Karen take him under their wing, Megan wants to wrangle him into bed.


The Boyfriends

Marcus Lazar

Frankie’s boyfriend of five years.  The only actor or person involved in the industry.  Frankie and Marcus met when he was a bouncer at Liquid two years before Marcus got his big break and landed a lead role as Xavier king drug pin on the hit show, The Streets.  He enjoyed 22 episodes as the bad guy everyone loved to love and looked forwarded to a long future with this blockbuster new show.  When one of the show’s Executive Producers, Malcolm Jamal Warner, decided he wanted to be in front of the camera again, his only way to do that was to kill off Marcus’ character.

Marcus, now two years unemployed and typecast, is desperately trying to shake his claim to fame alias Xavier, and revitalize his career.  While dealing with swallowing his pride and licking the wounds of a bruised ego, he has no choice but to allow Frankie to support them both.  Still too recognizable as the beloved Xavier, Marcus is having trouble landing other good roles and is too widely know to get a normal everyday job, which leaves him completely between a rock and a place he has never been, dependent.  This leads to a lot of friction between a frustrated Marcus and Frankie, who is getting tired of paying all the bills and trying to keep it all together.  Frankie and Marcus have always been the constant in what has become an every changing world; however, there is only so much pressure a world can take before it explodes.



Karen’s on-again, off-again boyfriend for the last year. Larry, as a store manager of the local coffee shop right around the corner from the bar, makes good money and affords a nice apartment and comfortable lifestyle.  Larry represents all things that Karen, who is constantly in search of something, is exactly looking for, comfortable normalcy.  So much so that she neglects to see certain characteristics that seem plainly obvious to most everyone else.

Their dates consist of going to the ice-capades because one of his best friends is in the show, dressing wild and going to West Hollywood to go dancing, or spending a quiet night at home drinking fruit filled martinis and watching The Notebook. Anyone else see what’s wrong with that? We all do, why can’t she?!




Our Friends and Regulars

Judy Davis

Married mother of two fraternal twin boys.   Unwillingly left her job and career at a PR firm when she unintentionally got pregnant. While she loves her kids, she longs for the life she once had.  She misses her power suits and lunch meetings, expense accounts and office with a view. She hates that she’s had to trade the BMW sports coupe for the mom mobile.  She believes she could have it all: career, kids, and home life, but her 1950’s mentality husband believes that a mother should be home with their kids. This is a point of serious contention between the couple and soon, Judy begins to resent her husband.

The one consistent thing in her life is the time she spends with the girls.  She’s been a regular since before the bar changed, so she remembers what the energy and vibe use to be like.  In fact, she feels her life resembles what the bar has been going through from sleek, cool, hip place that everyone wanted to be to generic, struggling, average place that is doing everything it can to draw attention.




Francine (Frannie) Kiguelman

Sous chef at the high-end hotel restaurant a couple doors down from the bar.  Another New Yorker with the mouth to match.  While she is friends with all the girls, this 5 foot bundle of spit and vinegar is Vinnie’s nemesis.  Their battles over everything from Mets/Yankees to where in NY has the best pizza or Italian food keeps these two questioning who’s the better New Yorker and brawling out every chance they get.  Completely frustrated with her job that she claims is run by monkeys, she ends up at the Tigs bar after her shift most days of the week, which forces her involvement in many of the hijinks and happenings.

While Frannie is loud and a little obnoxious, she is always very real and straight-forward, no bullshit here. That’s why her and Frankie get along so well.  She loves to help out, or butt in depending on how you look at it, whenever the opportunity arrives.